Shares of Cyfrowy Polsat are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since May 6, 2008.

The table below presents the characteristics of the shares issued as of December 31, 2016:

SeriesNumber of sharesType of sharesNumber of votes at the General MeetingFace value /PLN
A2,500,000Preference shares (2 voting rights)5,000,000100,000.00
B2,500,000Preference shares (2 voting rights)5,000,000100,000.00
C7,500,000Preference shares (2 voting rights)15,000,000300,000.00
D166,917,501Preference shares (2 voting rights)333,835,0026,676,700.04
D8,082,499Ordinary bearer shares8,082,499323,299.96
E75,000,000Ordinary bearer shares75,000,0003,000,000.00
F5,825,000Ordinary bearer shares5,825,000233,000.00
H80,027,836Ordinary bearer shares80,027,8363,201,113.44
I47,260,690Ordinary bearer shares47,260,6901,890,427.60
J243,932,490Ordinary bearer shares243,932,4909,757,299.60
Total639,546,016 818,963,51725,581,840.64

The current share capital of the Company is PLN 25,581,840.64, divided into 639,546,016 shares. At present, the total number of votes at the General Meeting is 818,963,517.

The shareholding structure as at the date of approval of this Report together with a description of changes in the structure of ownership of significant number of shares of the Company in the period since the publication of the last periodic report are set forth in detail in item 8.4 –Corporate Governance Statement – Share capital and shareholding structure of Cyfrowy Polsat.

Basic data on the Cyfrowy Polsat shares in trading

Date of first quotation May 6, 2008
Component of indicesWIG, WIG20, WIG30, WIG-telecommunication
Quotation systemcontinuous
International Securities Identification    
Number (ISIN)
Cyfrowy Polsat’s identification codes 
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